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Be Prepared for ITB SC AAPG Presidential Candidates Hearing!!

ITB SC AAPG Presidential Election

We invite you to come to ITB SC AAPG Presidential Hearing in Tuesday, December 18th 2012, 1 p.m.,  at Ruang Hilmi Panigoro, Prodi Tek. Geologi,  ITB.




After a long process of recruitment, finally ITB SC AAPG has new members. And we proudly announce you, the new members of ITB SC AAPG:

From left to right:

Above: Rama Wicaksana, Wahyu Vian Pratama, Adifantri, R.M. Aviandito, Reza Firmansyah, Ryan Adiputra, Yogi P., Lutfi Baiti

Center: Darmadi, Geri A., Andrico H., Axel Priambodo, Oktavianus H., Satrio W., Tika Puspyta, Sawungrono Dewawisesa

Below: Christiana Kartika, Krisponda, Yudith Matindas, Wilsen Supriady, Wahyuningrum Angesti L., Ryanda A., Ahmad Muayyid, Ardhyan Jannatan.




let’s rock ‘n roll!

Selected Candidates of ITB SC AAPG Recruitment

Here are the selected candidates :

1. Ricky Andrian Tampubolon 09
2. Gregorius Andrico
3. wilsen Supriady Lauwijaya
4. Darmadi
5. Ahmad Syauqi 09
6. Yogi Pamadya
7. Wahyu vian Pratama
8. Yudith Yolanda Matindas
9. Rifki Adrianda
10. Rahmad Dwi Putra
11. Lutfi Baiti 09
12. satrio wiavianto
13. Raden Mohammad Aviandito 09
14. adiputra
15. Tika Puspyta
16. Rama Wicaksana
17. Axel
18. Geri Agroli
19. Reza Firmansyah 09
20. An Ikhrandi
21. krisponda
22. ardhyan jannatan
23. oktavianus hutaoit
24. christiana kartika 09
25. eko pramudyo
26. muhammad ryanda andhika
27. ahmad muayyid
28. adi fantri
29. wahyuningrum angesti lestari
30. i komang try raditya
31. Sawungrono Dewawisesa

The next phase of recruitment process will be interview session, which will be conducted on Saturday, March 17th 2012.

Selected candidates should come to Himpunan at 7.30 am sharp. Further information Raini Adinda (+6285694069606)

Thank You


Last week, we had open registration for new member recruitment. All the applicants must sent their CV and Essay about ” Why I Want to be a Member of ITB SC AAPG”. The enthusiasm is big! There are more than 50 Applicants that registered to us.

Among that, we picked 2 for the Best Essay, and after some discussion, we agreed that the Best Essay goes to:

1. Axel Priambodo

2. Satrio Wiavianto

The winners will have the opportunity to join ITB SC AAPG Field Trip that will be held on 16th – 19th February 2012 for free..


Welcome new member of AAPG SC ITB 2011/2011

Welcome new member of AAPG SC ITB 2011/2011

Aurio Edri

Aji Rahmat Ginanjar

Glen Ricky

Muhammad Pandu Herdianto

Willy Rhauda

Ihsan Wiratama

Rino Endrianto

Putri Amalia

Alghifari M. D.

Adil Fajar W.

Bernadus Adi Nugroho

Muhammad Fadhil P. I.

Muhammad Firdaus

Aya Asaga

Raini Adinda Siswikirana

Yoseph Datu Adiatma

Fetty Maria Naibaho

Tsania Ozza

Ruchita Mirza

Muhammad Tajul Arifin

Adi Patria

Rahman Fauzi

Boby Benni Wahana

Doni Fajar Kurniawan

Patrick Bennett D.

Guest Lecture: Peranan Ahli Geologi dalam Menanggulangi Krisis Energi di Indonesia (2010)

Date: October 1st, 2010
Place: Hilmi Panigoro Room, ITB
Speaker: Dr. Ong Han Ling

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Guest Lecture: Basin Classification (2010)

Date: September 24th, 2010
Place: Hilmi Panigoro Room Environmental Geology Lab, ITB
Speaker: Prof. Dr. R. P. Koesoemadinata

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Welcome New Members 2010/2011!

Here is the list of our new members 2010/2011:

Members of ITB SC AAPG 2010/2011
1 Alfonso Bryan Hasiholan Sihombing (Bryan)
2 Epo Pasetya Kusumah (Epo)
3 Glen Ricky (Glen)
3 Hanna Melati Paramitasari (Hanna)
4 M. Febryan Nugroho (Bryan)
5 M. Haris Al-Rasyid (Haris)
6 Naufal Rospriandana (Naufal)
7 Risa Prameswari Putri (Risa)
8 Setyadi Pratama (Adi)

So, you are about to start working harder than you ever have before. And you are about to start changing the world for the better. You are also about to start changing yourselves.

At this educational institution, you will discover abilities, skills, interests, and ambitions that you do not yet know you possess. This institution will present a wealth of experiences, inside and outside of class, that will allow you to explore your interests and expand your talents and horizons.

Discover the extraordinary talents you each possess; discover how those talents, driven by passion and curiosity, can make the world a better place.

And so, fellow freshmen, I welcome you to the great traditions, the great ambitions and the great inventions that are this institution.

— John Cloutier, president of the Undergraduate Association of MIT, at the Freshmen Convocation Speech, Class of 2009

Field Trip: Mahakam Delta (2010)

Date: August 5th – 10th, 2010
Place: Balikpapan and Samarinda, East Borneo
Participants: 18 in total (15 ITB students, 2 Unpad students, and 1 Undip student).

“Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Field Trip on Mahakam Delta 2010”

Field Trip agenda:
1. Company visit  to Total Core Room in Balikpapan,
2. Studying Modern Sedimentation in Mahakam Delta, Samarinda riding a seatruck using echosounding and stream-grabbing methods (lecturer: Mr. Yudi Purnama and Mr. Dino from GDA),
3. Observation on Miocene deltaic outcrop around Samarinda region,
4. Observation on petroleum system outcrop around Balikpapan region,
5. Guest lecture from Mr. Aussie Gautama, Mr. Firdaus Tampilang, and Mr. Irfan Cibaj.

This Field Trip would never become possible had we not accepted much appreciated help and sponsorship from TOTAL E&P Indonesie, GDA, AAPG, and also Geology Alumni Community (via Mr A.Yani). We also would like to send our gratitude to Mr. Andang Bachtiar who has encouraged and given us much suggestion due to the make-possible of this Field Trip.

To see a few parts of the documentation, please see the slideshow below.
If you wish to see more of the photos (and a video-formatted documentation), you can contact us for further info.

Best regards,

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