Welcome New Members 2010/2011!

Here is the list of our new members 2010/2011:

Members of ITB SC AAPG 2010/2011
1 Alfonso Bryan Hasiholan Sihombing (Bryan)
2 Epo Pasetya Kusumah (Epo)
3 Glen Ricky (Glen)
3 Hanna Melati Paramitasari (Hanna)
4 M. Febryan Nugroho (Bryan)
5 M. Haris Al-Rasyid (Haris)
6 Naufal Rospriandana (Naufal)
7 Risa Prameswari Putri (Risa)
8 Setyadi Pratama (Adi)

So, you are about to start working harder than you ever have before. And you are about to start changing the world for the better. You are also about to start changing yourselves.

At this educational institution, you will discover abilities, skills, interests, and ambitions that you do not yet know you possess. This institution will present a wealth of experiences, inside and outside of class, that will allow you to explore your interests and expand your talents and horizons.

Discover the extraordinary talents you each possess; discover how those talents, driven by passion and curiosity, can make the world a better place.

And so, fellow freshmen, I welcome you to the great traditions, the great ambitions and the great inventions that are this institution.

— John Cloutier, president of the Undergraduate Association of MIT, at the Freshmen Convocation Speech, Class of 2009


One response

  1. Glen Ricky

    Wih potonya parah2 bangettt

    September 6, 2010 at 14:10

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